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Never Forget the Phone!

If your mobile BI strategy does not include the phone it is time to re-think things.

I know that is a bold statement but it is simply true.  In working with customers every demo and most rollouts are focused on the tablet, but it seems to be for the wrong reasons.  Most of the time the focus is on the tablet because it demos really well and visualizations are great on the full 9” display.  

This, however, does not mean you should forget about the device that is truly mobile (the phone).  Lets just put aside the numbers and think about these facts.

  1. No one leaves without their phone - You are simply way more likely to ditch the tablet depending on where you go. 
  2. Most tablets only have WiFi, so are they really mobile?  The phone is almost always connected.  
  3. Many of your favorite apps don’t have tablet versions leaving you with only the browser.

I know there are probably 100 blogs that point the other way, and I am not saying you should stop delivering BI on the tablet, but at least stop ignoring the phone.  

Oracle BI Mobile offers BI Mobile HD for the iPhone allowing you to leverage your existing BI content and you can create new custom phone (and tablets) experiences using BI Mobile App Designer.  

So take a look at these reports (actual content) and tell me your users don’t need this…